First Time In A While

By , 20 June, 2015 06:07

Picture of bringing some inHaving not ventured out onto the shingle in quite some time, I thought it time to get back out there and start hitting the fish again. I knew Alex was itching to get out there too, so last Friday, we did a very short evening stint around high water to see what we could muster.

Picture of Alex and gurnardI set Alex up with a set of small feathers and got him working them right and it wasn’t long before he was into his first mackerel of the year, which for some strange reason known only to himself, he called ‘Kevin’. This was followed up with a small, pretty little tub gurnard which had found the lures to be all too enticing.

Picture of Alex and KevinsWe didn’t have to wait too long before the kid was in again, this time with a trio of mackerel, which he also called ‘Kevin’. Just when we thought we might get a decent number for BBQ’s and for freezing, the fish decided otherwise and the session went absolutely dead, with no more getting beached.

Anyway, we left the beach content with four Kevins in the bucket, a smile on our faces and much talk of returning in the near future to have a few more in. With the summer holidays coming up very soon, we’re both keen to do some late evening/night sessions, Alex wants to get his first bass and I’m still chasing the elusive double figure Billy.

I realise now, just how much I’ve missed being out there and I am determined to make it a great second half to the year and start chasing some quality fish.

7 Responses to “First Time In A While”

  1. Phil says:

    Brilliant to see you on the shingle,i too have been elusive with only two sessions in as many years!!!!!
    If i venture your way soon will let you know.

  2. jeff willans says:

    glad to see the report are back vic, hopefully meaning you are fit and well, tight lines to you and alex

  3. Vic says:

    Thanks guys. It has been a bit of a struggle but now I’m back and up for some fishy fun.

    9 weeks of summer holiday on Saturday, so plenty of opportunities coming up :)

    Would be great to meet up again Phil, so if you are coming this way (or that way), drop me a line.

  4. Steve Windsor says:

    We’ve never met but I was worried about you. Kept checking back and glad to see you in action again!

  5. Vic says:

    Thanks Steve for your concerns. It’s been a rough while, which saw my motivation crash, as I had other priorities to focus on. Now though, it’s up and away again :)

  6. Lee says:

    after reding your report, (the only one that google linked to my query of mackie fishing in seaford) seems like its that time of year again to head to the beach after work for a spot of mackie fishing with the boy, hope its like last summer season where catches of 10 or more (23 one eve) were frequent and the boy was ‘hooked’ on beach casting/fishing..

  7. Vic says:

    Hi Lee, if you can get down there at first/last light on a calm highish tide, you should fill your boots.

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