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By , 26 August, 2006 11:48

..or more to the point their owners. For a while now, I’ve been going to a mark nearby to my home, sussing it out and ‘groundbaiting’ ready for a session at the Thick Lipped Mullet I know are there.

The spot really is a beautiful one considering where it is, but is spoiled by the huge amount of dog mess that litters the place. I know it’s a popular place for dog walkers but why the hell can’t they clear up after their pets. The local council have even provided bins for the offending substance to be put in.

Many people complain about anglers causing a mess (and I agree that a thoughtless minority do) but this sheer laziness and lack of regard for other people really gets my back up. Is it really too much to take a bag and pick this stuff up and place it in a bin?

With luck I can find a place to sit this afternoon and enjoy a bit of fishing without having to worry about descending onto a hidden pile in the long grass.

Hopefully, I’ll update here later with a catch report and maybe some pictures.

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