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A method of fishing to baits close together on the bottom. There are various ways of  it being tied and is much down to personal preference and whether you want it fixed, sliding on a paternoster or running ledger. The diagram shows the construction of a paternoster variation of the rig. The beads can be adjusted or can be fixed. The hooks can be plain or ‘blinged’ with sequins and/or beads to act as an attractor for flatties.

1. If using on a paternoster, tie a swivel onto the end of your dropper, if using a ledger, tie a swivel to end of the initial hook length.

2. Take a length of line to used as the new hook length and thread it through the end swivel.

3. Thread two or three beads onto the new hook length on either side of the swivel.

4. Use a sliding stop or stop knot after the beads.

5. Tie hook onto either end of the new hook length.

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