Wessex Rig

By , 17 August, 2010 19:37

This rig combines elements of both the running ledger and the flapper, in that you can have two (or however many you want) hooks fishing off the bottom and a further hook fishing hard on the sea bed. This is another rig that is not ideal for distance casting but is useful for short distance work such as boats, piers and sea walls etc. When constructing this rig, care must be taken to get the the hook lengths at the correct distance from each other to avoid tangles. You can vary and even mix the hook sized, for example size 4  upper hooks for bream while using a size 1 0r 2 final hook for flounder or plaice.

1. Construct a regular flapper

2. Instead of  the link or clip for the weight at the end, slide on a swivel or lead slider

3. Slide on a bead then tie off onto a swivel

4. To the end swivel tie or clip a hook length and hook.

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