Running Ledger

By , 6 August, 2010 20:34

In the simplest terms, this is a rig that has the weight sliding on the main line and is a rig that targets bottom feeders. By allowing the line to run through the weight, it lessens the resistance a fish may feel when making off with the bait. The illustrated rig is the way I set mine up when fishing a wired lead and just illustrates the principle. You can substitute the weight for a drilled bullet, barrel, coffin lead or whatever you want, to suit your needs and conditions.  You can also swap the sliding swivel and split ring with a zip slider or a snap swivel, or you could just thread the line directly through the weight – it’s a matter of personal preference.

1. Depending on what type of weight being used, feed main line through either the eye of the weight, a zip slider, snap swivel or in the case of drilled bullets etc, the weight itself.  Thread on a bead and tie to a swivel.

2. Tie or clip your hook length to the end of the swivel

3. If you aren’t using the ‘thread through’ weights – drilled bullets and the like, remember to clip your weight to the zip slider or snap swivel.

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