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Picture of me with marina squiddlyThis site is primarily a diary of my sea fishing exploits – successes and failures. I may at times also digress and wander off onto other topics which are of interest to me but I’ll try and keep it to fishing.

As time goes by, I will be adding more information here that will hopefully prove to be useful to those who either fish in my neck of the woods or those who are considering visiting the area and fancy a dangle.

These areas include Brighton, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford. If you would like information on a particular mark or locality, please contact me. If I don’t know, I can certainly point you in the direction of someone who will.

Amongst other things, I have also included links to other angling resources that I use, which may prove beneficial to seasoned and new anglers alike.

I do not profess to be one the greatest anglers around nor an expert of any kind, I’m just an ordinary bloke who enjoys his fishing and is willing to share his experiences. I leave the expert stuff to… well… err.. the experts.

Please feel free to leave comments and to contact me if you wish to exchange reciprocal links.

25 Responses to “About”

  1. Ian Holmes says:


    Enjoyed reading your blog, excellent work. I’d like to put a link on my website and I’d be happy for you to do the same, mail me if thats ok ianholmes1964@madasafish.com


  2. Tom says:

    Something of interest.
    Don’t let them of the Hook:

  3. ERIC TATE says:


    Sorry; I’m not going to ask you anything about fishing! My son has introdiced me to your impressive Website, which brings back memories. I and all my class-mates were evacuated to Brighton on September 4th. 1939 from Bermondsey in Central London. Well-considered as Bermondsey became the most heavily-bombed area in England during the Blitz of WW2. Surrey Docks was the first British target completely fire-bombed on the first night of the Blitz and, being the biggest timber port in the World, it burned brightly for 42 consecutive nights. I was 13 when we went down to Brighton, we were all re-evacuated to Chersey in Surrey after the Dunkirk Retreat. At 14 I was a messenger boy through the Blitz working for Cable & Wireless. I went to Sea when I was 16, signing on the Admiralty Cable Ships. Whilst there I got sent to India as A.B. to join the Cable Ship H.M.S. Bulan, my oppo was an ordinary seaman named Vic Fisher, Yes VIC FISHER! After it was all over we stayed good mates, I met his Mum and Dad and stayed with them at Dagenham. We both married our respective sweethearts, neither of us attended the other’s weddings because of our Merchant Ship movements. I came ashore on getting married, whereas Vic stayed at Sea, studying with a special scholarship I had introduced him to with the Royal Society of Arts, and he kept right through to his Master’s or even his Extra Master’s ticket. I know he stayed with the old Palm Line as I’ve received confirmation from someone who served under him, on W.W.W. I was A.B. with the Port Line. We (Mum & Dad and 3 kids) emigrated to N.Z. 50 years ago and I have never been able to find Vic! I am coming up to 83, Vic must be 81/82, so you are a sort of last resort. Whatever, Yea or Nay Many days of great fishing for you and your loved ones. Best Regards, Eric Tate.

  4. Hi Vic
    Came across your blog by accident the other day and must admit to having enjoyed reading it. Just wondered if you would be so kind to add links to my guiding website at http://www.predator-people.co.uk and by blog at http://predator-people.blogspot.com to your links on this site, I’ve already added your to my sites.
    Hope this is OK and if your ever up in Norfolk give me a shout

  5. samanalex says:

    just like to say what a brilliant website. We are regular novice clients of Robins and read his diary. He told us to look up yours.Very good indeed. Well done

  6. Vic says:

    Thanks mate glad you like it and hope it proves useful to you.

  7. Scott says:

    Great site my friend, I will always drop by before planning a little trip to the beach. Thanks for all the effort.

  8. F Parker says:

    hya vic , hope ya dont mind but I have added this site as a link here >>

  9. Vic says:

    Thanks Frank much appreciated. However, the link from there to here isn’t working mate – you need to lose the first part containing the tackle box address

  10. Mike Peirson says:

    Hello Vic..

    Don’t mine me asking but are you the same Vic Fisher that was at one time in the Royal Sussex?


    Mike Peirson

  11. F Parker says:

    double code error now amended

  12. Vic says:

    Mike – Yes I have been in there early last year, although there was another Vic Fisher as one of the guys on another forum will testify. He spent over an hour talking to the bloke before he realised it was the wrong one!

  13. Vic says:

    Thanks for that Frank, much obliged mate.

  14. mat says:

    Brilliant site mate

    found your site through a forum that were both on, and i must say im enjoying a learning as i read through it.

    keep up the good work mate

    tight lines


  15. Vic says:

    Cheers Mat, glad to hear it’s helping out a bit.

  16. Brian says:

    Hi Vic.
    I have today just found your site and was very impressed with your fishing journal and all related items and links etc. I have only fished at Seaford a couple of times with a small amount of success but now I am looking forward to going down there much more frequently. Keeping my fingers crossed for some nice weather over the easter weekend. Thanks Brian.

  17. Vic says:

    Hi Brian

    Many thanks for your comment – much appreciated.

    Glad to hear that the blog has helped out and hope that your future session at Seaford, prove to be fruitful. Always feel free to let me know how you get on.

  18. Dean says:

    Fantastic Site Vic, Im currently learning more about fishing and have done so with the info on here, I will be adding you to my favs and will be looking foward to your updates often!

    Ive also sent a little email to you & I hope you have the time to answer!



  19. Steve says:

    Good to meet you last weekend Vic. Thanks for all of your help – very much appreciated. Shame the weather didnt play ball but happy with my decent plaice!

    Best wishes,


  20. Vic says:

    Cheers Dean. Yup I got your mail as you know.
    Good luck mate.

  21. Vic says:

    Hi Steve
    Good to meet you too mate. Not the best of conditions to fish in but you and Martin sure beat the hell out of me when it came to catches.
    Hopefully will be looking at fishing up in your neck of the woods soon. Will give you a shout beforehand.

  22. ian gurden says:

    Hi vic keep up the good work it good to read yr tales of the beach

  23. Vic says:

    Thanks Ian, much appreciated

  24. Brian says:


  25. Tully says:

    Cheers vic for the detailed strip down of Akio 656 it helped sort the problem I had with mine
    Regards tully

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