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By , 31 July, 2010 17:37

A method that uses two hooks in the bait – aids presentation and gives more opportunity for a fish taking the bait to be hooked. There are various ways of tying these and everyone has their favourite but personally, I find this to very effective. However, it’s not easy to do on a windy beach or pier, so I always make sure I have plenty already made up and kept on rig winders, ready to go. In an emergency, you can thread your hook length through the top hook, tie on the bottom hook and then wind  the line around the shaft of the top hook to keep it in place.

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1. Take your hook length and thread on your uppermost hook. I find that hook with a turned down are better. Didn’t have one handy for this illustration. Fig1

Fig. 1

2. Onto the line, slide a 4-5mm length of silicon rig tubing of a suitable diameter. Fig.2

Fig. 2

3.  Thread the piece of tubing carefully over the point of the hook. Fig 3 …….

Fig. 3

……and up the shaft until the hook is securely held in place. Figs 4 and 5

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Now add more pieces until the hook is secured in place but can still be slid on the line. Fig. 6

Fig. 6

Tie on your bottom hook. Top hook is adjustable to cater for varying bait sizes. Fig. 7

Fig. 7

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