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Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority Minimum Legal sizes as per Sussex IFCA

(These are the legal minimum taking size to stay within the law)

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The following minimum sizes for finfish, crustacea and mollusc species currently apply within the Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority’s District. Variations in size regulations may exist with respect to species captured outside Sea Area ICES Division VIId, which are then transported into the District.

Click here for a guide to where the measurement is taken. Unless specified all measurements apply to the dimension of length. Additional information regarding the method of measurement for fish, crustacea and molluscs should be referred to if necessary.

If a particular fish is not listed here, it means there is no minimum landing size applicable and whether you decide to keep it or not is a matter for your conscience.

WHITING = 27 cm
COD = 35 cm
HERRING = 20 cm
POLLACK = 30 cm
SAITHE = 35 cm
MACKEREL = 20 cm
SARDINE = 11 cm
PLAICE = 27 cm
LING = 63 cm
HAKE = 27 cm
BASS = 36 cm
DOVER SOLE = 24 cm
MEGRIM = 20 cm

LOBSTER (Homarus gammarus) = 87 mm carapace length
EDIBLE CRAB (Cancer pagurus) = 140 mm carapace width
VELVET CRAB (Necora puber) = 65 mm carapace width
SPIDER CRAB (Maia squinado) = 130 mm (males) 120 mm (females)carapace length
CRAWFISH (Palinurus spp.) = 95 mm carapace length

QUEEN SCALLOP (Chlamys spp) = 40 mm shell width
KING SCALLOP (Pecten maximus) = 110 mm shell width
WHELK (Buccinum undatum) = 45 mm shell length
RAZOR CLAM (Ensis spp) = 10 cm shell length
OYSTER (native) (Ostrea edulis) = 7 cm *

* The shell must be unable to pass through a circular ring with a 70 mm internal diameter.

Other English regional IFCAs
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North Western & North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee
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I can’t find any definitive regulations for Scotland, so if anyone knows where to find them, please drop me a line.

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