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Change of Scenery

By , 25 October, 2010 15:45

For a change of scenery, I had a session down at Eastoke, Hayling Island on Saturday with some lads from Hampshire and Sussex who inhabit another web site. It was a first for me, having never even been to Hayling before, let alone fished it. It was great to be out somewhere different from my usual and predictable marks and I was full of optimism. The object of the meet was a friendly get together and cod competition.

I arrived at the appointed meeting place to find it empty and with that “Oh shit – am I in the right place” feeling. It wasn’t until another guy, ‘Browners’ introduced himself that I realised I was an hour early. Anyway, we waited and about half an hour later, a few more turned up, including Lee ‘Cuckoo’, the organiser. Introductions made, a chat and three quid each chucked in the ‘winner take all’ kitty, the ten or so of us set off up on to the beach.

The weather was supposed to be strong breezes dropping later on with rain also stopping later on. In fact,what we got were no wind, calm sea, clear skies and a bright full moon – comfortable but not ideal for codding.

I set up to the left on a section of beach between the groynes, with ‘Browners’ setting up to the right of me. The rest of the group were spread out along the beach to my left.

I started off with one rod, using a single 3/0 hook fished paternoster style with a cocktail of black lugworm and cuttle fished at distance. The other rod was set up with a long link running ledger, 4/0 pennel which I would later use with whole squid  close in.

First fish for me was an LSD ‘doggy’ (lesser spotted dogfish), while ‘Browners’ had one, followed by a huge pout at 2lb 4oz. While he seemed to doing well with a steady stream of fish, I was struggling to get much action.

Some time later, ‘Browners’ let out a triumphal shout of ‘cod!’ It wasn’t large but it was a codling of just over 2lb and it turned out to be the eventual winner with no others being caught during the night.

Even with both rods out, I had a very quiet night with nothing really showing much interest apart from LSD’s. I had a few missed bites which again I suspect were LSD’s

We stuck it out until 4am before packing up and re-grouping at the car park. My tally for the night was five LSD’s – not brilliant but at least I didn’t go all the way for a blank. After a chin wag and the handing over of the cash prize to Browners (well done by the way), we went on our separate ways.

A big thanks go to Lee, a top bloke for organising the event. Pity more didn’t turn up but perhaps more for the next time. His report can be found here. 2010 Cod Meet Eastoke.

I have vowed to make more of an effort to resist the temptation of fishing locally and travel a bit further afield and enjoy something a bit different.

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