Pulley Rig

By , 17 August, 2010 18:40

A rig that helps to prevent the weight from snagging on the bottom when a fish is hooked. I have to say, it is not a favourite of mine but it is very popular, especially where fishing over rough ground. The diagram shows one constructed for use on a clipped rig, incorporating an impact lead with built in bait clip. This differs from one that uses as an impact shield with bait clip or just a lead link with bait clip. The idea here is just to show general principle of the rig and its construction.

1. Tie a swivel to the end of main line or shock leader.

2. To another length of line or shock leader, tie on a split ring for attaching to the weight. This one is for use with the impact lead with built in bait clip)(There are variation on this depending on how

3. To the other end of this length, thread a bead and thread the line through the swivel done in step one.

4. Thread on a bead and tie onto a second swivel.

5. To the second swivel, tie your hook length and hook.

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