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Brighton Marina is situated off the main A259 coast road just East of Brighton town centre and is therefore readily accessible by road. Parking is excellent and is free in the multi storey car park opposite ASDA (The signs say parking limited to 4 hours but this can be safely ignored). Don’t be tempted into parking in the actual ASDA carpark, it will cost you. There is also a regular bus service in place. Post code for satnav is: BN2 5UF

The West arm can be accessed by exiting the Western end of the multi storey car park from the rear as if going out to ASDA car park then turn left and you will see a car washing business. Immediately to the right of this is a narrow pathway; follow the path uphill and at the top, turn left and continue along the path and out onto the arm. Marked as the orange line on map. There is also access via the car park at the Eastern end of Madeira Drive, although this is a pay car park.

Due to the easier access, the West arm tends to be a lot busier than the East, particularly during the summer months when it can be crowded with ‘mackerel bashers’. The ground here tends to be rough,so tackle losses can be high when bottom fishing. There is cleaner ground towards the seaward end.

Species caught here include: bass, Thick Lip Mullet, Golden Grey Mullet, black bream, mackerel, garfish, Ballan wrasse, Corkwing wrasse, scad, pollack and more. Spring time from about April sees the arrival of the squid in numbers and great fun can be had fishing for these with the use of squid jigs.

Most used methods used here are float fished fish strip for the mackerel, Gars, pollack and other mid water species. Float fished live prawn is a killer method for bass, pollack and wrasse.

Bottom fishing a flapper rig or ledger with worm bait will take the resident flatfish such as flounder and plaice. During the Summer months, worm tipped with mackerel sliver or squid will account for some decent bream. mackerel head mounted on a long flowing trace and ledgered close in will take the bigger bass as will whole calamari squid and mackerel fillet.

The East arm, although more inconvenient to get to, is generally less crowded and gives those who do not enjoy sharing space with others, the opportunity for quieter, solitary fishing. That being said, the Summer months will see it packed to capacity, so get there early for a decent spot. If considering it on a sunny bank holiday, my advice is stay at home or fish elsewhere.

It can be accessed by three different methods:
1. On foot. Walk along the boardwalk, which begins from roughly outside the security office and ‘The West Quay’ Wetherspoons restaurant. Follow the boardwalk to the very end where you cross over the sluice gates through a car park area and onto the East arm. (Yellow line on map)
2. Driving. Best method if there’s more than one of you in the car; from the main roundabout drive along the main ‘street’ until you reach the ticket barrier. Take a ticket which gives you 1 hour free parking. Continue along ‘The Strand’ until you reach near the very end where you’ll see a slip ramp to your left. Drive up the ramp, across the small bridge and then turn right. Drive along here to the car parking area at the end. Now drop off your mate(s) with all your gear and then drive back and park up at the multi storey before making the walk back along the boardwalk to meet your mates who should by now have set up all your gear, bought you a coffee and are greeting you on their hands and knees. (Red line on map)
Beware! There is no long term parking at the Eastern end of the marina for non-residents. There is free parking in specified bays but this is for one hour only.
3. If you feel fit and agile (like me), you can park for free in the small clifftop parking area off of the west-bound A259 opposite the Roedean pitch ‘n’ putt. You then take the small path down the cliff face, turn right at the bottom then left onto the East arm approach by the boat yard. Not too bad going down but can be challenging after a long day or night e specially if you’re like me and tend to take way too much gear! (Blue line on map).
**Update** The clifftop carpark area is currently unavailable due to adjacent heavy construction site and access. Hopefully this is only a temporary situation.

Species caught here and methods used are the same as for the West arm and include: bass, bream, sole, plaice, flounder, smooth Hound, Thick Lip Mullet, mackerel, garfish, gurnard, Red Mullet, herring, Ballan wrasse, Corkwing wrasse, scad, pollack and more.

‘The Tackle Box’ is an excellent and well stocked bait and tackle shop run by Dave Grinham which is located on the West Quay (not arm) opposite McDonalds. When you enter the marina, there is a roundabout at the bottom of the hill. Take the third exit so that the petrol station is on your left. You will see some steps next to the petrol station leading up to the quay. After parking in the multi storey, go up these steps, past the RNLI shop down a short ramp and the tackle shop door is on your right. There is also a disabled person access ramp opposite McDonalds. They supply live fresh lug, Rag and crab as well as frozen baits. If you are travelling any distance to fish the marina, I would suggest phoning ahead to reserve fresh bait. Tel: 01273 696477

There are a few restrictions in place on both arms regarding the keeping of fish which should be strictly adhered to:
1. Minimum landing size limits. Fisheries Inspectors have been at the marina recently so stick to the limits and you’ll be ok.
2. Limit of 50 mackerel per person per session (who needs more than that anyway).

If you require disabled access on to the arms, ring Dave beforehand at the shop and arrangements can be made to have the gates opened to allow wheelchair access.
Fishing charges
Day fishing 0600-1800 is £3 for one rod or a £5 for two
Night fishing 1800-0600 is £3 for one rod or £4 for two. (over 18’s only unless accompanied by an adult)
Juniors and OAP’s £2 per rod.

For up to date information on what’s being caught and where, there’s a wealth of information from an obsessed local angler and fishing guide called Rob. If you’re new to angling or need some help, it’s well worth the time and money to grab a session or few with him. Take a look at his site here: Fishyrob’s Diary

For more Photos, please Look at My Flickr Album Pages
More info available from the Marina Tackle Box Site
…and even more information on this venue such as facilities, tides and directory, visit the Marina website.

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