Very Short Seaford Session

By , 18 May, 2014 17:08

Picture of Alex castingDespite what the conditions and tide times told me, had a very short session on Seaford Beach yesterday. Alex desperately wanted to go, so out we went. Walked across to the beach at Edinburgh Road just before low water to a very bright and warm evening, with a flat calm sea.

Even though I doubted we would have a result, I set up his spinning road with a small 10g Dexter and off he went. He’s catching on well and now rarely needs my help to clear the usual problems, of tip ring jams, spool over spills etc. His casting is improving with each time we go and with his sometimes unorthodox style, he can now sling something as small as the dexter and respectable distance.

Picture of sunsetSaw a group fishing to our right, who I think had been there all day, as I had seen them there earlier in the day. When Alex was having a dip. Don’t know what sort of result they’d had, as it had been a bit busy during the day with normal beach users.

We didn’t stay long but long enough to witness another lovely Seaford sunset. I love this part of the day and am rarely disappointed with the view.

One Response to “Very Short Seaford Session”

  1. jeff says:

    Hi vic, i was down there yesterday, perfect day, except no mackerel. i was sure we would bag a few, but no joy, and no one else on the beach seemed to take any either, neither did the kayak fishers out in the bay. hope its just a case of being a little early, as opposed to the mackerel not appearing this year.

    great sunset photo, often seen it with a glass of something in the hand while camping at buckle, but just a flying visit yesterday, but will be back soon.

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