Tidemills spin

By , 25 April, 2007 16:00

Yesterday, I decided to try a bit of spinning down at Tidemills beach . Got there at about 3.30pm as the tide was rising. Fished straight ahead from where the access path comes out. Nice beach weather, no wind, dead flat and clear.

First few casts with a Toby resulted in a few takes but nothing connected. Then as I was retrieving, the lure was just coming up to the waters edge when it was savagely taken by a Gar in just a few inches of water. The fish was landed and returned and I carried on casting away. Again a few takes but just could not connect.

I swapped the Toby for a Dexter wedge but the same thing was happening, just not being able to hook anything on the take.

I swapped the Dexter for a single medium sized Hokkai. The second cast produced a really savage take that almost had the carp rod out of my hand, as it arched over and line started streaming off the reel. As I leant into it, there was an almighty surge and then…… slack. Swearing loudly, I retrieved the Hokkai and recast several times but nothing else came.

High water arrived and went with no other fish being landed. Still thinking of ‘the one that got away’ I packed up and set off home.

Next trip, I’ll be armed with another selection of lures but will also try fish strip on a float.

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