Surfin’ at Tidemills

By , 20 May, 2007 19:55

Hadn’t been out for an evening session for a while so thought it was about time to cure that. First attempt was trying to fish at Seaford but the brisk SW made it a bit uncomfortable as it was straight into the face. Couldn’t decide where else to try but finally decided on Tidemills as it’s at least a little sheltered from SW.

Set up at about 9pm with high water predicted at 2am. Decided to fish with only one rod and used lugworm and Peeler Crab on a running ledger in conjunction with one of Fishyrob’s ingenious ‘Dvices’. This an excellent bit of kit that let me punch out a fragile peeler bait into a brisk headwind and without having to rely on bait elastic to keep it intact.

There was a heavy surf running with largish breakers in the shallow water at the bottom of the tide. Bite detection was all but impossible. I did have a few knocks but nothing connected.

At around 1130pm, the wind just dropped completely and as the water deepened, the large breakers subsided and left just a decent fishable surf.

First fish came at midnight, when after a stonking bite, a bass of around 2lb came to the beach. This was followed by another two, slightly smaller in size.

The next bite was a cracker, yanking the rod down hard, there was a spirited tussle followed by the sight of a squirming eel being thrown up by the surf. Bloody thing contorted and wrapped up the trace until it was just a ball of snot. Having cut the creature loose, I set up another trace, re-baited and cast again.

Another bloody eel followed, which did exactly the same thing. Same routine, re-cast and waited.

A few more bites and another three bass landed and returned.

The last fish to be landed before all went quiet at 2.30am was a rockling. This was my cue to pack up and face the walk back to the car.

I have to say that it is strangely eerie walking through that deserted village at that time in the morning. All manner of strange noises from the unseen scurrying wild life. Mind you not as unnerving as the sound of an unseen cow coughing at close range.

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    Good luck with your site. Nice layout…

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