Seaford…yet again

By , 19 September, 2007 16:40

Had a decent session last night at Seaford beach, fishing from 8pm from low to over high water.

Set up just East of the Beachcomber and saw that there a reasonable surf running, although there was no wind to speak of. On one rod, I used a running ledger, single size 1 hook baited with black lugworm and cast out about 50-60 yards. Second rod also had a running ledger but using a 3/0 Pennel rig baited with whole squid and lobbed out about 20-30 yards.

First fish was a mackerel that took the squid. This was promptly filleted and used on the same rig. During the time that the various sections were used, it wasn’t touched once, apart from being picked at by small stuff. The lugworm was continually pestered by small thornbacks and Pout but not one decent fish all night. Can’t say I remember ever having had so many small thornbacks before and am wondering, is there that many more around this year or is it normal and I just haven’t been catching them in the past.

By about 2am, the wind had shifted around to a more SW direction and had strengthened enough to produce a good surf which was running well up the beach.

The fishy action didn’t start proper until after high water when I had an almighty take that almost had the rod out of its rest. The result was this codling of 18 inches. Picture of codlingIt was quite scrawny and the belly didn’t seem particularly full. In the next hour, I had another five, although these were only about 12 inches or so. All fish took the squid and were hooked no more than 30 yards out just beyond the breakers. As sudden as it had started, the action stopped, by which time I was ready to call it a night.

On a side note, I had added a ‘secret’ ingredient to the squid which I’ll reveal when I’ve tested it a bit more to make it wasn’t a pure fluke.

Have to say. it was one of the best sessions I’ve had at Seaford for a while. I don’t know how much longer the codling are going to be around for but I hope they stay long enough for me to get at least one more crack at them.

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