Seaford Codling

By , 1 September, 2009 09:17

Early codling were the target on this exploratory session at Seaford yesterday evening, on the off-chance they were in following the recent winds. Fished just East of the Beachcomber from 8pm through until 1am. HW at 10pm.

While I waited for darkness, I feathered for some mackerel which were there in their thousands chasing fry right up onto the beach. It’s always a fantastic display when you see mackerel feeding in a frenzy like this and in a world of self preservation, it amazes me that they will risk beaching themselves. By the sound of it, the people who were swimming just along from me got a shock too when they suddenly had hoards of mackerel and whitebait swirling around their legs.

Once dusk set in, I sent out a whole squid on a running ledger close in for any bass that may be around and on the other rod an up ‘n’ over rig with lugworm on a 1/0 hook at varying distances for the codling.

Seaford codlingI was plagued with whiting all night (some a decent size) which were taking everything I chucked in – including the whole squid. It got to the stage where it really didn’t matter how far or how close I was casting, it seemed like there was a carpet of whiting. Mind you, I prefer it like that than there being nothing there and you come away empty handed.

At about 1020pm, the rod with the lugworm had a couple of taps then pulled down hard and I lifted into fish which definitely felt bigger than the whiting and with the tell tale nodding indicative of codling. A short while later and my first codling of 2009 hit the beach. In the hope of hitting a shoal, I quickly re-baited and cast out again to roughly the same spot – about 80 yards out. Sadly though, no more codling for the rest of night. After that it was more and more whiting – which were still biting as I left.

2 Responses to “Seaford Codling”

  1. dannyc says:

    well done on the codling vic :) did it eat well ? what did it wieght m8 ? im hoping for sum codling action my self soon :)

  2. Vic says:

    Hi Danny
    Cheers mate, It was very tasty – just shallow fried. It weighed in at 2lbs 5oz gutted so would have been in the region of around 2½ lbs or so.

    Will be out tomorrow night at Seaford hopefully. Maybe catch you there.

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