Quick Round Up

By , 23 February, 2012 17:28

There’s not been much to write about of late, generally only whiting and rockling fests in the dark hours and pretty much blanks in daylight. One can only write so much on whiting before it gets really – and I mean really boring. Since I wrote last, I’ve done nine sessions; four during darkness and five in daylight, all on Seaford beach, either at West View, Beachcomber or The Buckle.

The only half reasonable daylight session was Today’s which was a quick three hour bash over high water at The Buckle. Even then it was pretty dire and was only a quick test before Saturday’s Flattie competition being run from WSF forums and organised by ‘Fishyrob’. I managed to get two dabs out (one keeper) and the skinniest whiting on some minging sticky black lugworm presented on a size 4 two hook flapper. Going by that result, I reckon the competition could be bloody hard work but no doubt the hardened match men will eek out a result.

The only other thing of note to happen, is that I’ve somehow managed to contract Bell’s Palsy, so now not only do I have a completely trashed back and its continual pain but I also look like some sort of Hammer House of Horrors lab assistant. It’s no fun I can tell you, can’t close one eye, have to slurp my drinks and can’t even do that without spilling it out of my slack mouth. Eating is pretty much the same story and doesn’t make for pleasant viewing.

Don’t know how long it’s going to last; doc says, could be days, weeks or even months – oh great bells of joy! Current treatment is a shitload of anti-viral and steroid meds which are making me feel like crap.


2 Responses to “Quick Round Up”

  1. Bill Dean says:

    Hi Vic, had this bells thing a few years ago,went after about six weeks, but as you say not a lot of fun,knocked my beer consumption into touch, not that you feel like drinking much anyway, most of it ends up on your shoes, enjoy your blog,chin up, and hope your laughing about it in a few weeks.
    Best Bill

  2. Vic says:

    Thanks Bill for cheering me up a bit.
    The eating and drinking have proved interesting and my clothes get a more frequent wash now! I have resorted to using to a child-like ‘drool cloth’ to catch most of the escaping food stuffs. Can’t understand why my wife won’t let me keep it for later snacks though :)

    The speech side of things are challenging too but seems to be getting a bit better. Not sure if people understand what I say or whether they just nod politely in the right places :)

    Glad to hear you enjoy reading the blog, hopefully I’ll get out soon and will have more to write about.

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