It’s Seaford again

By , 23 May, 2009 17:04

Decided on Seaford (again) for a session yesterday evening. I fished from about 4pm at a spot that was about half way between the Beachcomber pub and West View.

Sea was a bit rough early on with a stiff  South West breeze  in the face but it did calm down considerably a bit later on as the wind dropped and the tide rose but still retained some of it’s energy.  I used one rod with a two hook flapper baited with lugworm and varied the casting distance. On the other rod I used running ledger with a 3/0 pennel and whole small squid cast close in.

The only fish I had were a small Tub gurnard caught not long after I started, two Pout and a whiting which came near to high water (all on the worm baits). About half an hour after high water, I had a tremendous pull down bite on the whole squid but as I was tending to the other rod, I couldn’t get to it in time, and the fish was gone, so that pleased me no end.

Once the hour after high water had passed, there no more bites and it all went dead.

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