I Am So Hacked Off

By , 16 August, 2011 17:36

….Oh yes I am! Went for another session yesterday in the hunt for the ‘biggun’. Yet again Seaford beach was the chosen venue and the plan was to fish from low water, up and over the 01.20 high water. Arrived at my first spot – the ‘hump’, just West of Edinburgh Road and got myself ready.

I hit the beach and set up the bass rod with the familiar rig and bait. I had also brought along another rod which I set up with a size 4, two hook flapper. I stuck a couple of lugworm and hurled it out into the moderately lively water. I only did this because I fancied seeing if I could up my species list while waiting around.

Weed was again, a problem, nothing too dramatic but enough to be a pain while fishing close in with the big bait. It was even more troublesome with the distance rod and worm as the weed collected on the line and required leader knot clearing on each retrieval before taking on the main task of clearing the crud from the terminal tackle.

The next big cast obviously found some underwater obstruction as it snagged solid and all the rig was lost along with the leader. Not sure what is out there at about the 100 yard mark – mussel beds maybe? Anyway, I decided to forget the species hunt and packed away the spare rod, to concentrate on the bass rod.

By now it was dark and I was expecting some interest in the squid bait but it was proving difficult as it had to be brought in on a frequent basis to clear the weed. I sent a text to ‘Fishyrob’ to see if he was turning up along with another friend, Steve, as planned – when he called back, it turns out that we both had different ideas as to where we were supposed to meet. As it happens, I had decided to make a move further east anyway, so we decided to keep each other updated via text if we had any news.

With about 2 hours to go before high water, I set up again at the next spot, just up from the Beachcomber and within minutes I had a bait in the water. Virtually as soon as the bait settled, it was nailed by a bass which was soon up on the beach – only schoolie of about 1½lbs but at least it was a fish and it saved the blank.

Re-bait and cast and within seconds, the bait was on the beach in amongst a ball of weed so heavy, I had to hand line it up the shingle. Minutes later, I had it all sorted and back out again but it wasn’t long before the whole boring process had to be repeated. Pardon my French but this fucking weed is becoming a nightmare within a nightmare and is seriously hacking me off. All this lovely turbulent water unfishable due to stinking piles of worthless crappy weed. Are we going to see weed clear sea at any time in near future? I do hope so because I am on the verge of losing the plot – I have already found myself talking loudly to myself and to the weed and the stones and to the gulls and foxes and anyone or any thing that will listen.

And then, just to really piss on my strawberries, it started to rain – I mean, as if this weed isn’t slimy enough to start with, do we really need to add more water! It’s just occurred to my that I might have typed the word ‘weed’ more than any other word so far this year… hmmm.

Enough was enough, high water came and went – along with my enthusiasm and so it was time to call it a night at around 2.30. I’m going to give it a break now until all this crap has been blown away and hopefully, we can get back to fishing not gardening.

PS. I promise not to use the ‘W’ word again for the rest of the year!

6 Responses to “I Am So Hacked Off”

  1. phil dey says:

    Ha,Loved the pissing on strawberries phrase.
    I am going to monitor your reports thoroughly and come up with some sort of forfeit if you use the w word again!…….

  2. Vic says:

    Think I might have set myself up for failure on that Phil. Forfeit? – how about being sentenced to another night spent on Seaford beach?

  3. mark says:

    love it lol bloody good effort, and i love how you can make such a good story out of a bad nights fishing good luck next time :-)

  4. Vic says:

    Thanks Mark. Let’s hope tonight will result in a story with a happy ending!

  5. rhys says:

    haha sentenced to another night on seaford thats funny! oh well hopefully the bloody weed will clear soon.

  6. Vic says:

    Glad to report, no floating spaghetti there last night – then again, not many fish either.

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