Greedy Greens

By , 11 April, 2012 12:31

Just what the hell are they thinking? As if trying to do anything in Brighton wasn’t expensive enough, the crazy Greens have raised seafront parking by 100%, going up to an incredible £20 for an eleven hour stay. You can see on the council pages, how much you’re going to get fleeced for parking in future. You can have a read of an article written in the local paper.

On a fishing front, this means that anyone wanting to fish the Brighton beaches and park in these areas, now has to take this extra expense into consideration. Don’t think you can get away with it by parking in the town centre car parks either – Churchill Square have also increased their charges by at least 25%. Council run car park fees will go up on the same day. NCP have said that their charges will remain unchanged.

Some may say, well use the buses or ride a bike but if you’re like me and tend to carry a lot of gear, that is totally impractical, especially if you like to do longer sessions going into the night, or you prefer to be more mobile and change locations with changing tidal or weather situations.

I have to wonder whether Brighton council members are capable of reasoned thought; can they not see how this latest scam will put people off coming into the town and boost the economy by spending their hard earned cash? This scheme can only be a bad thing for visitors, local businesses and ultimately residents. If this scandal is allowed to continue, it will push beach goers out to other nearby towns such as Seaford, that has ample on-street parking right next to a fabulous beach and is totally FREE.

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