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By , 13 May, 2008 12:31

Following the weekend’s squid action, I felt I needed a break and wanted to try for something else to add to the species list for this year. I fancied having a crack at some float fishing with live prawn for bass and pollack.

Monday morning saw my wife and I off down to Rottingdean at low water. I scrambled around the reef for bait while my wife went gathering winkles. We were having lunch with her parents and squid from Sunday was on the menu; the winkles were to be included in this seafood feast.

After about an hour or so, I had collected enough prawns for an evening session which was to be fished at Brighton Marina. There were a few large specimens but it has to be said, most were quite small compared to what can normally be collected. My wife however had collected enough winkles to feed a small army!

Later, I headed for the marina and headed out onto the East arm hoping to get a spot near the rocks at the far end. On arrival, I saw that there numerous people fishing at the beginning and over the rocks. I had to settle for bay 54.

Live prawn was sent out under a float and allowed to be carried by the current around the base of the caissons. Within seconds, the float disappeared and a small plump pollack of about a pound was swung in. I thought that this was going to be a great session but in the end was quite slow. In the three hours I was fishing, I had only six pollack all bout the size of the first. It may have been slow, but at least I was fishing and didn’t blank.

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