An evening of Whiting

By , 26 October, 2007 09:50

Fished Edinburgh Road at Seaford last night from 6.30pm, just after low water through until about 2am.

Flat calm sea, no wind, overcast sky (sounds familiar) wasn’t ideal but you gotta try haven’t you.

One rod set up with one hook ledger baited with lug/squid strips, the other my habitual whole squid, alternated with mackerel on a 4/0 pennel cast out around the 15-20 yard mark.

Samfish – one of the lads from World Sea Fishing Forums wandered over and we had a chat before he disappeared over to his preferred spot for the evening.

It was a quiet start with a few knocks here and there but no real action. As the water rose, so did the activity but it was whiting all the way, some not an un-reasonable size.

Over the high water period, I had some real hard takes on half mackerel fillets which had the rod being slammed down hard in a bass-like manner. These turned out to be whiting too. To be honest, it got bloody irritating, cast out, settle the rod, pour a coffee and bang, over the rod goes, drop the coffee, optimistically scuttle over to the rod in the hope it’s a bass and all for a bloody whiting!!!

Can’t complain too much though, it was a lovely peaceful night to be out in the fresh air and it wasn’t a blank.

While packing the gear into the car, Samfish returned from his session, so we had a quick exchange of notes in which I learned that his evening had been pretty much the same as mine.

It looks promising for early next week with a brief change in the weather, so I guess I’ll be there again, maybe try and get the council to donate a bench for me to sleep on.

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