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By , 8 July, 2009 16:59

I have been rather lax over the last week or so and haven’t added any new posts on my fishy adventures, could be because the results haven’t been too good. Anyway, to summarise, here’s how it went:

14.6.09: Fished the East arm of Brighton Marina yesterday from about 5pm through until midnight. Couldn’t catch any fresh mackerel (well one actually but that was a stray). Had to make do with that and some frozen stuff that I got from The tackle Box. No bass runs at all but did get a large spider crab that absolutely destroyed my rig and didn’t even have the good grace to be peeling.

18.6.09: East arm of Brighton Marina. Fished in bay 1 as there was a strong SW wind that made fishing further round a tad wet with water being pushed up the wall.

22.6.09: East arm at the marina again but further round the wall at bay 57. Very little caught apart from Pout. No sign of any bass.

23.6.09: A planned session on the chalk reef just West of Saltdean but had to go to the marina first to catch some mackerel first. There was a n evil Easterly wind that made things quite uncomfortable (I get sort of cranky and cross with these winds). Anyway, managed a few mackerel just as the light faded with the sun setting at about 9.45pm. Drove straight over to Saltdean and was on the reefs by 10.15 and onto the areas I’d previously researched. I surprised that there was no interest at all from the bass and try as I may, just couldn’t tempt a fish out.

25.6.09: Went for a session down on the East arm last night from 8pm through until 3am. Only had a few peeler crabs, so needed to stock up with fresh mackerel which was hard work, the first not coming until about 9.45pm. Only managed three in total which at least gave me nine bass baits.

smooth HoundFirst fish to came about 10.30 which was a very small smooth Hound pup that took a crab. Then at about 11pm, I was talking to a couple who had arrived, when suddenly I had a tremendous take on a mackerel head that had line stripping off the reel at a rate of knots but stopped just as I got to it, I hoped it would return to finish what it started but it was not to be and the head was untouched after that.

Straight after this, the other rod pulled round and within short time, a small smooth Hound of about 4lbs was safely on the deck. That was the last fish of the night apart from the continual bait robbing Pout that destroyed everything that was put in the water.

There was a switch from the original Easterly breeze to a lull with no wind and then a bit of a South Westerly. The only other thing of note was a fantastic light show as thunderstorms rumbled on the horizon.

Not that productive but a pleasant evening all in all.

28.6.09: Another early start at the marina to gather bait. Got there at about 4am after an awful drive there in some really dense fog. On arrival, I could see that fog was beginning to burn off as the sun rose. The mackerel duly arrived and in short time, I had enough for bait, for lunch and a few to give to my in-laws. It was then home and return to the marina later that afternoon for an evening session.

On returning I eventually managed to get some room at bay 32. It was a case of bream and more bream. They took the baits as soon as they hit the sea bed and nothing else could get a look in. Most were quite small, some were reasonable but none were table sized.

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