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Squid Championship 2011

By , 12 May, 2011 10:26

After several recent trips in search of squid, I have to report that the closest I’ve had to success has been three dropped at, or just before the net – so things not looking too good. Undeterred though, I headed off to the East arm of Brighton Marina last Sunday for the ‘4th International Squid Championship‘, organised by George Cunningham, CEO of TronixPro, along with Robin ‘Fishyrob‘ Howard.

This annual event, in aid of the RNLI was attended by even more than last year and I believe it was in the region of 78 anglers participating. We all met up at the cafe on the end of the arm, where after a chin wag, we booked in. I queued and collected a free squid jig (courtesy of TronixPro) and score card, which had written on which peg number I was to fish…. arse!!! I had drawn 68, right out at the far end – best start walking then!

After doing a stunning impression of a cart donkey, I eventually got to my peg. There had been some confusion over peg numbers reserved for the event but quite frankly, I’m losing the will to live just thinking about it, so I’ll go no further.

Fishing (or squidding if you prefer) started at 1pm on the dot and for me, what followed felt like a lifetime of staring at the orange blob that was my float as it did just that – float. No sliding under the surface as a squid made off with my jig. As hard as I tried, I just could not get a take. The only excitement was when the jig drifted into a bit of weed and was pulled under – at least I knew what it would look like if any creature felt like trying its luck.

Even an afternoons visit from FPO, Anna along with her Mum and our son Alex didn’t induce the critters into action.

I stuck it out and tried as hard as I could and was spurred on by one caught and lost and one landed by the guys to my left. With half an hour to go, I studied my float and watched it slide under – weed again I thought – but no, it was a real, live squid, a good ‘un too. I brought it in closer and was about to ask the guy to right for a hand with the net when the damn thing let go and was away. I quickly let the jig back down in the hope that it might be taken again but was disappointed when the float remained as it had for most of the day – floating.

6pm and the competition was over. I packed up my gear and made the long walk back to the car and loaded up. It was then over to the pub and a welcome pint while the trophies and prizes were dished out to the winners. The day wasn’t a complete ball breaker for me, as I managed to snag a bait pump in the raffle


By , 11 April, 2011 19:30

Had my first squid session of the year on the West arm at Brighton Marina this morning. Arrived at about 5.30am, half an hour or so after high water to a beautiful morning, flat calm, clear sea, no wind at all and a clear sky. I walked straight up to the float only bays and tackled up my carp rod with 1¼ oz sliding float and a green Tronix jig.

To say fishing was slow is understatement to say the very least, in fact I had no takes at all in the first hours. As I had the arm to myself, I even wandered down to some of the other bays to have a trot through there but nothing doing. As the tide dropped away, I decided to stay where I was, up in the float bays.

While the fishing was non-existent, I had a play with the camera and took a few morning shots – the last four in the series here

StarfishI decided on a change in tactic (well colour anyway) and changed over to a pink jig and immediately I was into some action, a slow pull down on the float which I lifted into. Felt some weight but non of the characteristic tugging of a squid. My catch slowly surfaced and was duly landed…. bugger!! Pictured left (click for larger image). It showed that I might have been fishing just a little too deep. Later on, as the tide dropped away and the crystal clear water became shallower, you could see literally hundreds of these creatures scattered over the sea bed.

I think it was about 10.30 when I eventually had a proper take and I was briefly attached to my target but only very briefly. As I started to wind in, I could feel the tugging and ‘jetting’ when all of a sudden, it let go. I dropped the jig down in the hope that it woud take it again but no such luck. That was my one and only of the day.

It wasn’t long after this that the wind picked up a bit. It wasn’t unduly uncomfortable but it was enough to chop the surface up to the extent that it was difficult to fish the float properly. I reckoned I’d had my chance for the day and blown it and didn’t see the point in carrying on, bearing in mind the conditions too. So it was that I packed up and headed off and thinking about when I can get down there again for another crack.


By , 7 October, 2010 14:26

Haven’t written much recently and with good reason. I’ve only had a few trips in the last number of weeks and I have to say, I’ve been a bit disheartened with the results. Two trips to the East arm at Brighton Marina produced only whiting. Likewise, two outings to Seaford only produced whiting. Now I wouldn’t mind if they were of a decent table size but so far they haven’t been anywhere near it.

The weather yesterday promised better things, but work hindered me a bit as I couldn’t get to Seaford until around 9.30pm. Only took one rod and some squid. Setup at the Martello with a long link running ledger and 5/0 pennel with whole squid as bait. Sea was nice and lumpy top start off, with a bit of a Westerly blowing some decent waves up the beach. The breeze later swung South West but also dropped dramatically to leave only a swell as the sea flattened out. Only stayed until about 1am and all that time, I had no hits at all; not even any whiting to pester the baits.

I really need some decent results to spark me up again but as I work evenings and I can’t guarantee what time I get off, it’s difficult to plan anything. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get something sorted for the weekend.

Bass – West View Seaford

By , 17 September, 2010 15:25

Seaford bass I had a session planned for Seaford beach last night after work, fishing down to the 1am low water and a few hours up. I popped into the Tackle Box before work to collect some lugworm and squid and listen to the ‘Tales from Eddy’. While I was there, Fishyrob turned up to collect bait and asked if I wanted to join him for a sole bash on Brighton  beach. I was sorely tempted but as my plan was to fish Seaford, all my kit was at sitting at home in the garage waiting to be loaded into the car when I got home. I didn’t really want to drive home and then turn around and go back into Brighton again. I apologetically declined Rob’s kind offer but said I might pop down there if the conditions weren’t right at Seaford. Now having read some of his recent reports, it could have been an interesting evening. Rob also managed to locate a secret stash of large launce which was buried beneath an avalanche of frozen cuttle.

Anyway, after work, I shot home and loaded my gear into the car and set off. I’d originally planned top fish the Martello but at the last minute, changed my mind and went to a spot I haven’t fished for a while – a little patch opposite West View. I was toying with the idea of live-baiting, so set up one rod with a simple size 4 two hook flapper baited with the lugworm and cast it out while I set up the bass rod. On this, I rigged a long link running ledger which would have a 5/0 pennel rig baited with squid or launce. On standby, I had a made up live baiting trace with a single 5/0 on one end and a snap swivel on the other. The idea being that when wanted to live-bait, I could retrieve, unclip the pennel and cast out the weight only, before clipping the trace and bait onto the main line and letting it slide out into the water.

It wasn’t long before I had enough small whiting and pout in the bucket to last the time I would be there. I swapped the flapper for a sliding live-bait rig as above and sent the first of the pout out into the oggin to do its work. I continued to use the squid and launce on the bass rod.

It wasn’t until about half an hour after the 1am low water that I had the one and only take of the night and that was on the bass rod, falling to whole squid. I started as a whiting-like rattle and then a dramatic pull down and line peeling off the reel. I lifted into the fish which then came inshore before hanging in the breakers. A short while later, a nice bass was on the beach. It had taken the bottom hook right down and the top hook was caught up in the gills causing massive bleeding. There was no way of removing both hooks without causing untold damage, so it was quickly dispatched and put to one side while I clipped on a new trace, baited it up with a new squid and sent it out.

Bass cooked Asian styleThe fish measured in at 62cm and just under the 6lbs mark. I would normally take a picture on the beach but the camera refused to co-operate (turns out the card wasn’t seated correctly) so the kitchen picture is the only one I have of it.

The rest of the session was dead, no interest at all on the live-baits and none on the remainder of the squid and launce. Packed up at about 3.30 after cleaning and scaling the fish – the gut was absolutely empty, not even the usual small crabs etc.

Part of it was eaten at lunch time today, gently fried off with ginger, soy and spring onions…… drool. I’m sure Anna will be updating her recipes pretty soon.

Marina Disappointment

By , 16 August, 2010 15:19

Had a session at Brighton Marina last night, on the East arm along with some fishing pals, dannyc, Mr codling and antonfish.  We set up in the high 50’s on a still evening with the tide dropping to a 10pm low water. The idea was to fish low water up in the hope of some bass action.

I set up one rod with a size 4 two hook sole rig baited with lugworm and chucked that out about 50 yards or so. I tried for some fresh mackerel using small sabiki feathers but only succeeded in hitting three scad and a few small pollack and pout that went into the live-bait bucket.

Once darkness fell, I set up the bass rod with a live-bait slider rig and sat back and waited… and waited…

In the meantime, I had some limited action on the sole rig, landing an under-sized sole, more pout and a ‘snotty’ eel. Once the live bait had expired, I switched to ‘joey’ mackerel heads on a long link running ledger and once those had gone, went on to use small calamari sized squid. This all proved to be a fruitless exercise, with nothing showing any interest in my offerings.

By about midnight, the other guys decided to pack in and head for home, while I, in my ever growing optimism, opted to stick it out for a couple more hours. This turned into a session of drowning worms and star gazing as nothing happened apart from some more pout and another slip sole. Feeling a bit deflated, I left at about 2am.

I was originally going to hit Seaford beach but had changed my mind in favour of the marina. I wish I’d stuck with the first option because at least there, I’ve had some success on the bass front and there’s always the chance of some decent whiting amongst all the bait robbing ‘pins’.

Ah well… Seaford will be the next session later in the week.

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