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Dab competition

By , 27 January, 2011 09:43

I fished a ‘dab only’ small comp at Seaford beach yesterday with a few guys from WSF. Apparently there had been loads of dabs the previous day, so I was feeling lucky. We fished from 9.30am to 2.30pm opposite the Beachcomber.

Result?… feck all. Bloke to my right (Barry from DVice ) had a couple of dabs and a plaice and bloke to my left had dabs, flounders and whiting. It must have been like a bloody desert in front of me. I tried blinged traces, non-blinged, tried squid tipped lug and non-tipped. Varied ranges but nothing. As much as I stared at the rod tip, it remained motion-less for the duration.

Going to sulk now…………………………….

Berserk Marina Bass

By , 1 June, 2010 14:24

Moonshine - click for larger imageNormally I would avoid Brighton Marina on a bank holiday like the plague but a few guys I know were fishing down there yesterday, so I thought I’d pop down for a few hours. I stopped in at The Tackle Box and picked up some quality lugworm and squid before heading off to the East arm. Just as I was walking onto the arm, my phone went and it was Steve from the shop saying I’d left my squid behind – damn. It was arranged that if possible, one the wardens could bring it out when they next did a ticket round and left it at that.

Got out on the arm about 1.30pm and met up with Danny, Steve and Ant and set up in bay 31 with them. High tide was predicted for about 2.30pm but the current was already pulling hard to the right, the sea was dead calm but looked like soup with all the rot in it.

I set up one rod with a size 4 two hook sole rig and lobbed that out baited with lugworm, the other rod, I rigged with some mackerel feathers as I wanted fresh mackerel for bass bait but this was more in hope than probability looking at the state of the water – but you never know.

My first fish of the day was a bass, or basslet to be more precise, as it was barely bigger than the bait I was using but at least it saved me from a potential blank. As the tide dropped away, things were very slow with no fishy action at all. Not long after this, one of the wardens Frank stopped by for a ticket check; I mentioned the squid I’d left at the shop and just asked if he could pick it up if passing. a short while later, Frank returned with the abandoned squid. Top marks Frank and also well done on getting that bloke to return the undersized bass he was about to pop in his bag.

When the other guys left, they kindly left me the contents of their crab bucket which had a couple of peeler shore crabs and two nice peeler velvet swimmer crabs. I peeled one of the shore crabs but jeez, it stank like a tramp’s shoe, it was very, very off  (cheers Danny). I peeled another shore crab, which this time wasn’t quite so aromatic and stuck half of it on the size 3/0 hook of a running ledger rig which had replaced the mackerel feathers. I slung this out around fifty yards and waited only a short while before the rod tip was bouncing away to indicate fishy action. I struck into a fish and brought in a smooth Hound pup of about 2lbs which was quickly unhooked and returned. There were a few more pups but the really, really small ones.

The next fish was a reasonable eel of about 1½lbs. Things quietened down then with only  a couple of small eels, until just after low water at about 8.30pm when it seemed to go bass mad, when they hurled themselves at the baits as soon as they were in the water and a couple of times, I had double shots on the sole rig. OK they weren’t big, all averaging around 1 – 1½lbs but it was enough to keep me busy and was good fun. At one point, I had a double shot of  a bass and a flounder, which made a change. Although good fun, it didn’t do much for my attempts at more sole! This kept going until 3 hours into the flood tide when someone somewhere suddenly flipped a switch and it it died off, with the odd Pout and of course the obligatory rockling.

I stuck it out until 1am, with bait running out and fishy action sadly lacking, I called it a night and headed off home. The final tally was over a dozen bass, a few smooth Hound pups, one flounder, a few eels, numerous Pout and rockling.

The latter hours of the session were a joy to be out, a quiet, still night with no wind, flat sea and although not good for productive fishing, a bright moon behind scattered clouds – this combined with a few fish reminded me of why I enjoy this so much. I tried to get a decent shot but the camera is a bit limited as to what it can do. Click on the picture for a larger image.

Marina Flounder

By , 21 February, 2010 18:57

Got out yesterday for the first time in ages, which was a much needed session,  albeit brief. Although fishing is a bit pants at this time of year, I decided to have a bash anyway for some herrings and maybe plaice down at Brighton Marina. After picking up some Raworm and lugworm from the Tackle Box,  I headed for the East arm and got there at about 2.30pm, wich was just after high water. The sea was pretty calm and clearish with just a hint of colour. Weather-wise, there was just a very light Westerly breeze with an overcast cast sky threatening rain which never materialised, apart from a few drops.

Once there, I settled in at bay 30 and setup one rod with some micro sized Sabiki lures and another rod with a 2 hook flapper baited with the worms. The bait rod was cast out and I then set about the business of cast and retrieve with the lures.

For the period I was there, the bait rod remained static, with no indications of interest apart from the one knock which resulted in an 8″ flounder, which had taken the bait after I changed over from a flapper to a running ledger with a beaded up trace. There was no interest whatsoever on the Sabikis.

With nothing showing and the tide dropping away, I gave up at about 6pm. The only upside is that no rockling showed up, which can only be a good thing!


By , 18 March, 2008 16:42

Needed to get out for a few hours yesterday even though the neap tides weren’t brilliant. Wanted to stay local so, decided on the Buckle as I haven’t fished that part of Seaford seriously for years.

Sea was flat calm with just a hint of colour. Slightest of Northerly breeze. Sky was overcast with the odd sunny spell.

Fished from about 2pm until 8pm, Baits were ragworm, lugworm and peeler crab used on one hook ledgers in DVices.

First fish was a small flounder followed by 5 Bearded rockling. It then went deathly quiet for the rest of the time until dusk, when a few more  rockling and Pout showed.

By 8pm, I’d had enough and called it quits. It didn’t appear that there was going to any further action and I couldn’t see the point in wasting any further bait. On getting home, the remaining bait I had was safely packed and put in the fridge ready for my next session.

It’s only a matter of time now before the spring and summer species start to migrate in and save us from this barren period of the year.

Shoreham competition

By , 11 February, 2008 16:23

Yesterday, I took part in a competition organised by the Shoreham Angling Squad club. Funnily enough, this was held at the West arm of Shoreham harbour.

It was an early start for me, leaving home at 6.40 am in order to stop off at ‘The Tackle Box’ shop at Brighton Marina for bait. Whilst getting my lugworm and ragworm, Dave Grinham kindly gave me a large bag of Slipper Limpet to supplement my supplies.

Arrived at the venue at the allotted time of 8am. A long wait ensued while we waited for everyone to arrive, book in and draw numbers for the order of ‘walking off’. I unluckily picked 32 which meant I would be one of the last to walk off and would thus be limited to where I could fish.

My spot was quite a way inshore and I would be casting not far of the beach itself. Anyway, armed with a good supply of quality bait, I was confident of doing well. Targets were flounder and dab. I tackled up and awaited the hooter to mark the beginning of the match.

First few casts produced numerous knocks and bites but I couldn’t connect. First fish of the day arrived soon afterwards and I found the culprit to be a small 5 Bearded rockling which sadly was under the 18cm limit and therefore didn’t count. This was followed shortly after by another non qualifier. That was it for the rest of the day with no further fish landed. No matter what I tried, I just could not get the fish to bite. Frustration grew as I heard reports of a few fish coming up the blokes fishing at the end of the arm.

Gladly, it was a warm bright day with little wind – nice and comfortable for me but not good conditions for fishing.

The hooter marking the end of the match sounded at 3.30pm. Time to tackle down and make my way to the meeting point to watch the lucky ones receive their prizes. I didn’t even win anything in the raffle- pffft.

I then faced a journey of nearly one and a half hours through Brighton to get home. It had been an enjoyable day, even though I was virtually fishless.

Incidentally, I believe a reasonable amount was collected from people who fished the match towards a fund being set up for the family of Alan Wright, a young man who was washed away whilst fishing in the Bristol Channel. Alan was a member of WSF (World Sea Fishing), a fishing website/forums used by many of us anglers.




Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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