Eastern Plaice

By , 14 March, 2012 11:17

Picture of large herringSaturday was the day for another crack at herrings and plaice at Brighton Marina. The forecast for the day was great, the tides were great and that meant it was going to be packed to the gunnels, so to avoid any disappointment, I had to be there early.

I trotted up at around 6.30am and found myself at the head of a non-existent queue but It wasn’t too long before another hopeful turned up and was quickly followed by Fishyrob with a client and Frank, one of the wardens.

Once Frank had unlocked the gate, We headed out onto the arm and settled into our preferred bays, out as far as we could get. I setup one rod with a simple running ledger, longish hook length ending in a size two Aberdeen hook. This was baited with black lugworm tipped with thin squid strip in the search for plaice. The other rod was rigged with a string of four, size 12 Sabiki’s and a two two ounce lead for any herrings.

Picture of large herringWith the plaice rod cast out, it was time to start working the herring rod close in, where the herrings have been hugging the wall. The first one didn’t come in until about 8.30 but it was a decent sized one which would make excellent lunch. There then followed a steady stream of smaller ones but only ones and two’s. I had a brace of decent sized ones about an hour or so later which were followed by some smaller ones. By the end of the session, I had taken just over two dozen, which would make fine eating.

Picture of plaiceThe plaice rod seemed unwilling to move and I was beginning to wonder if my fishing mojo had abandoned me to remain un-plaiced (sorry) in the day’s standings. However, at about 9.30, the rod tip dipped down briefly to indicate some interest at least. I lifted the rod and felt some weight, and on reeling in, I felt the resistance of a fish. Within short time, a chunky small plaice was lifted up and over the wall. It wasn’t the biggest plaice in the world but it did mean that both targets for the day had now accomplished and it was another species ticked off the 2012 list.

Another plaice fell to my bait a couple of hours later but sadly that was it for the session and by about 4pm I’d had enough and decided to call it a day and make my was home. It’s funny but normally at this time of year, the marina would be devoid of people fishing off the walls but the mention of the excellent plaice fishing has made it busier than I can remember and it has certainly brightened up what would usually be a pretty crap time for a fishing nut.

Dave and his crew from The Tackle Box are working hard to try and get the whole of the East arm up and running after all the damage caused. Let’s just hope for continued good weather, so that this work can be completed as quickly as possible.

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