Dabbling at Seaford

By , 21 May, 2012 11:42

Picture of calm seaAlthough conditions haven’t been too good of late, with flat sea and may rot. Anyway, I decided to have a play at Seaford last night to see what was around. No point in trying for bass looking at the forecast and having seen the flat sea, so I opted for a one rod and worm bait policy.

Shot down to Brighton Marina during the day and got some really good quality black lugworm from ‘The Tackle Box’ which would do the job and produce two baits from one worm.

I wanted to fish from low up to high water, so arrived at Seaford beach around 6pm to find a millpond like sea which was pretty clear apart from some huge patches of rot that stained the water and made it look like ‘orrible weak tea that you would get from a staff canteen. You can just about make it out in the photo (click on it for a bigger picture).

Not to be deterred, I set up the one rod with a size 2, two hook flapper baited with the fine blacks I’d got and shot it out at distance and settled down to wait.

It was quite a pleasant evening to be out with just a bit of a chilly breeze coming in from the back of the beach. Now I normally where floaty trousers whenever I’m out – not for any safety reason but purely because it keeps my jeans clean and has loads of pockets to keep stuff. I have to say though, that last night they nearly came off because it was so warm – the old man vegetables were certainly roasting in their cosy nest.

First fish arrived at one hour after low water and was a small micro dab that had wolfed down the worm. Release, re-cast and fifteen minutes later the rod tip went and another small dab hit the beach. This went on pretty much for the next couple of hours or so; a dab every fifteen minutes with a couplf double shots in there too – just a pity they weren’t keepers!

Once darkness fell, the dab went off the feed and were replaced with a sprinkling of pin whiting and pout. I started kicking myself for not bringing the bass rod and not being able to put out a live bait as well.

By about 11pm, I’d really had enough, my back was screaming for horizontal rest and all I was getting was damn pin whiting; there was just no point in wasting time and quality bait on them. at least I’ve got a few left over and so I may well have a dabble tonight as well to use them up.

2 Responses to “Dabbling at Seaford”

  1. simon watkins says:

    mackerel in in numbers today..18 in eight casts,nobody fishing from tide mills to splash point!sea a lot clearer

  2. Steve says:

    It can and does surprise:-

    While flat calm seas and NE winds are not usually ideal bass conditions .. I caught a 1.75lb bass from Hove beach in just such conditions a few days ago. Bight was tentative, but it fought like a fish twice that size. In terrific condition, and still is.

    So, had to go back the next night. Samll dab on worm; several baby thornbacks on crab (just like the last time); and then another tentative bass bite; x3; strike; and he’s on. For about three seconds. Damn. dropped bait. Wind in. Hang on – ther’e no weight here at all – broken 15lb line!

    OK I should have checked for line abrasion – but the line was fairly new and it was dark!

    After that, just one more baby thorney and a small flounder.

    But I for one will keep trying for Mr Spikey, “even” in these conditions.

    Tight lines.

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