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Bernard the Gurnard

By , 9 June, 2008 11:42

Wanting to make the most of the current weather and get out in the fresh air, I decided fish the East arm at Brighton Marina yesterday. On arrival at about 7.00pm, I managed to get a space in bay 20. It was a fabulous evening, no wind, flat sea, clear sky, lovely and warm; Not ideal for great fishing, but lovely to be out in.

First off, I decided to try for a few fresh mackerel to bolster the bait. Funnily enough, compared to the previous trip, there were none around. I managed a small joey which was put out live in the hope of a bass.

Picture of gurnardMy other rod was set up with a ledgered DVice and used either peeler crab or hermit crab. There was no action until the light faded, where almost like magic, bites started to occur. First fish was a very small smooth Hound pup. Next was a small thornback followed by yet another smooth Hound pup. Apart from the usual suspects – the Pout, the next fish of the night was a lovely little Tub gurnard. This made a welcome change and was the first I’ve had from the marina this year. It seemed as though someone flipped a switch because as soon as it started to become light, the bites stopped completely. I did have a quick go with the feathers for some more fresh mackerel – for the BBQ this time and not bait – but none seemed interested. I did see some movement but I suspect this was down to scad and not mackerel

I packed away all my gear and tidied up the area I was in before just sitting for a while enjoying the early dawn. Even at just gone 3am, there was enough light to see by. The air was completely still with not a breath of wind. The sea was as flat as it can get and only disturbed by the occasional fish breaking the surface. It’s time like this that I know just how lucky I am to be able to enjoy it.

My enjoyment of the session was somewhat spoiled as I walked back along the lower deck of the arm by the amounts of rubbish left by thoughtless people. These I presume, call themselves anglers but I prefer to call them selfish, filthy individuals who ruin it for others. They more than anyone else give angling a bad name and add ammunition for those who wish to ban this activity. They know who they are and should be ashamed of themselves. I picked up what I could and put it in the bags which are provided. It wasn’t difficult and surely not beyond the ability of those responsible.

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