Quick Seaford report

By , 6 November, 2009 15:13

Fished Seaford beach last night from about 9.30pm until 3am, near the Beachcomber. High water was at 1230ish.

On arrival, I saw a very lumpy sea with some large rollers and big wave dumps up onto the shingle. A Strong Westerly breeze was coming straight along the beach. The sky was overcast but with clear patches. Wind did die down later – as did the fishing.

Fished just one rod with ledgered DVice and alternating between big lug and squid baits. First couple of casts saw the wind hold the DVice in the air and push it back which meant it was landing down-tide, where it had difficulty gripping the seabed properly. To ensure proper gripping and bait placement, I walked up-tide, cast out, let bait settle and then walk back to the rest.

It was hard fishing and only had three whiting before 10.30 and nothing until around high water when I missed the mother of all pull downs. How I missed it I don’t know because the rod was still bending while I picked it up and briefly felt a dull thudding at the other end before the dreaded slack line and no resistance – indicating fish off!

It was all dead then until just before I left when I retrieved my last cast and found one small unfortunate whiting had been unlucky to hit my bait.

Anyway, that was it for the session. Crap fishing but I nice bracing night out.

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