By , 4 June, 2007 11:16

Fished at Tidemills area near Seaford the other evening from about high water down to low. Used some lugworm, which to be honest was a bit past its sell by date and calamari.

Had a couple of bass of around the two pound mark which were duly returned to grow a bit bigger.

Anyway, darkness fell and the fish appeared to have disappeared as there were no more takes.

At one point, I retrieved my gear to rebait and as I swung the lead and hook towards me, I reached out to grab the very small fish that appeared to have been foul hooked. I automatically assumed it was a pouting. For some reason I pulled back my hand before I noticed that the fish was actually a Lesser weever.

Now this could have turned nasty. Although venomous, it is not considered life threatening unless it’s a small child/elderly/heart complaint type scenario. But I was alone on the beach and a considerable distance from where the car was parked and a large distance from any medical help. Had I been spiked by this little bugger, I would have a very uncomfortable time packing my gear, getting back to the car and trying to drive myself home or wherever.

I have since made up a first aid kit which will always be in my tackle carrier. Even though it won’t stop me being stung, it made me very aware of how vulnerable I was if I suffered any sort of injury and not having any type of first aid available.

Even after many years of fishing and being aware of the dangers, it just goes to show how one small lapse of concentration can easily become a drama.

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