By , 18 March, 2008 16:42

Needed to get out for a few hours yesterday even though the neap tides weren’t brilliant. Wanted to stay local so, decided on the Buckle as I haven’t fished that part of Seaford seriously for years.

Sea was flat calm with just a hint of colour. Slightest of Northerly breeze. Sky was overcast with the odd sunny spell.

Fished from about 2pm until 8pm, Baits were ragworm, lugworm and peeler crab used on one hook ledgers in DVices.

First fish was a small flounder followed by 5 Bearded rockling. It then went deathly quiet for the rest of the time until dusk, when a few more  rockling and Pout showed.

By 8pm, I’d had enough and called it quits. It didn’t appear that there was going to any further action and I couldn’t see the point in wasting any further bait. On getting home, the remaining bait I had was safely packed and put in the fridge ready for my next session.

It’s only a matter of time now before the spring and summer species start to migrate in and save us from this barren period of the year.

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