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Live Video Feed

By , 28 April, 2014 12:27

After a bit of fiddling, some cursing and tantrums, I’ve got the Live Video Feed up and working. At the moment, it would only seem to work with quicktime, so I’ll be doing a bit more fiddling and throwing a few more tantrums.

It may well end up being ditched if it puts too much strain on the server, in which case it will be back to refreshed static images only.

Anyway, hope it works out and people find it useful. >>>>>>> Live Video Feed

Can also be accessed via the drop down from the ‘Beach Cam’ link in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Cuckmere Beach Clean

By , 23 February, 2014 10:10

Still being incapacitated as far as fishing, or any strenuous activity goes, I’m left feeling a bit like a desk warrior. This means I’ll also be missing out on the ‘Cuckmere Beach Clean’ event, taking place on 1st March. It has been organised by fellow WSF‘er and local ‘Fish whisperer’, Craig Gosling and in conjunction with the R.S.P.B. and Sussex Sea Angling Network (SSAN). Not being able to join in, I’ll just have to do my bit in trying to get the word out.

The event will see the guys clearing up all the crap that has accumulated on the beach at Cuckmere Haven after the recent storms and leaving it in a more habitable condition.

Sea anglers do occasionally, get a bad reputation (sometimes justified) for leaving venues in crap conditions, with discarded rubbish and the like. This event will hopefully, go a long way to showing that the great majority of us are responsible and caring folk who do care about the environment. We are not the same as the tossers who are just too idle or too fucking stupid to either use a litter bin, or take their crap home with them. We take our crap and usually the crap left by others, home or dispose of it in a sensible way. There is a world of difference between dedicated sea anglers and the other group, who are arseholes who just happen to fish a bit.

It also has to be said that crap leavers are not always people who are fishing, there are other culprits – like tourists, or locals having a day at the beach, or partying teens and adults, or flotsam and jetsam, negligent dog walkers who fail to clear up after Rover has emptied his bowels – the list is endless. We just happen to get it in the neck as we are more easily identifiable and therefore blameworthy.

Anyway, here’s the link to the event with times and meeting places etc. Cuckmere Haven Beach Clean

Have a great time and I will be there in spirit, not in body.

Seaford Conditions

By , 19 November, 2013 15:22

As I’ve now moved to Seaford and overlook the bay, I’m lucky enough to be in a position to answer any queries regarding conditions. If you want to know what it’s like before making the journey, drop me a line on an email via the site, or text if you have my mobile number and If I’m home, I’ll have a quick look and get back to you asap.

I’m looking to get an ip cam set up and have a live feed on the site, so you can see what the conditions are like for yourself. I’ve got a few other commitments at the moment but I’m hoping to get it up and running pretty soon.

New Home

By , 9 November, 2013 16:09

view from my bedroom windowIn the past, many people have said that I’d end up living on the beach at Seaford, considering how much time I spent there. Anyway, I recently found myself in the position of having to move house (gain).

After much searching, viewing and general ‘Moving house buggeration factors’, I finally settled on my new current abode. It looks like all those who jokingly suggested where I should live, turned out to be right. Not only in the right area but virtually on one of my favourite marks, I couldn’t have done better if I’d built it myself. Here’s a couple of pictures from my front bedroom window.

view from my bedroom windowDue to various reasons – long boring story – I’ve hardly fished at all this year, to my eternal shame. Fingers crossed and touching wood, I’m hoping that my long awaited surgery will go ahead at some stage in the bear future. Once that’s sorted, I will be back with a vengeance and shall be putting some serious hours in on the shingle. I’m hoping that the weather improves from what we have at the moment and have had recently. Talk about sod’s law kicking in firmly, I’d only been in the new place days before the wind ripped the skylight off my roof, leaving a big hole above the bathroom. Landlord was brilliant though and was soon out to get it fixed. There is the smallest of gaps which means that a good South Westerly finds the skylight whistling away like Roger Whittaker on speed.

Insomniac At Seaford

By , 5 July, 2013 12:48

On Monday, I decided it was time to get out on the beach and have an evening ‘blow away the cobwebs’ session. I knew the tides were short but was going to go anyway.

I stopped in at ‘Tools and Tackle’ in Newhaven and picked up a box of frozen squid. I was only going to be bassing, so need of any worm baits.

Later in the day, I decided against going, as I really needed to try and get some sleep. For a while now, I’ve had no problem getting to sleep, it’s just I can’t stay asleep. Anyway, I unpacked all my stuff, checked it was all ok before re-packing my bag ready for next time.

After a relaxing evening, I headed for bed and as usual and dropped off quick as that. Midnight – awake – bollox! Wide awake, I grabbed my bag and the now soggy box of squid in the sink that I’d forgotten to put away in the freezer.

Half midnight, I was on Seaford beach opposite West View. One rod, simple running ledger, single 6/0 baited up with whole squid and lobbed it out just beyond the waves.

Conditions weren’t too bad – on shore breeze and a small but decent surf and about two hours before low water. I had a hit almost straight away that had the rod bouncing like a good ‘un. Turned out to be a schoolie of around a pound. Fish returned, hook re-baited and chucked out about the same distance, The long wait began… and went on… and on…

It wasn’t until just after low water that I had the next hit, which was a lovely pull down – again another schoolie that could have been the twin of the one before it.

As the tide rose, the breeze dropped until there was nothing – and along with it went the ‘surf’. The sea went calm and apart from one rattle which could have been a pout worrying the squid, there was no other activity.

I stayed a while longer and was entertained by two of the local beach foxes squabbling over whatever scraps they were finding. They then split up, with one trotting its way further along the beach, while one remained and sat not too far away from me, obviously interested in the smells from my bait bucket.

I left the beach as the sun crept up and made my way home, hoping that the fresh air would have done its bit and I would get a decent kip.

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