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Fished the East arm at Brighton Marina somewhere in the high teens/20’s.

Got there at about 8pm, bit of movement in the water, clear sky, bright moon, no wind but quite cold. On one rod, I used 2 hook flapper, one hook with large Sandeel fillet, the other with squid strip, lobbed out about 20yds or so.

First fish came quite quick, a whiting of about 12oz. which fell to the sandeel. Rebaited and cast again. Second rod set up with running ledger and large calamari bait, lobbed out a few feet from the base.

The next few fish were a mixture of small whiting and small rockling. It was an even split between the baits.

All went quiet until about an hour after high water, when a few more reasonable whiting came in, all around the 12oz to 1lb.

Packed up at 1.30 when all went quiet again.

Final tally was 9 whiting, 5 rockling. Not too shabby since I hadn’t managed to fish for the last couple of months. Now next time I will make sure I get some worm before setting out.