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Another Whiting Fest

I decided on another session at Seaford beach on Wednesday evening after work and managed to be on the shingle by 9pm. Another still night, with hardly any movement to the water and a bright moon in the clear sky, indications were not leaning towards a great night. As usual, I was going to fish the flood tide up and maybe over the 12.50am high water.

Using just one rod again, I set it up with a simple size 4, two hook flapper baited with ragworm tipped off with thin squid strips and cast at varying distances through the session.

From the off, it was whiting hitting the baits almost as soon as they were in the water and nearly always a double shot when brought in. These were punctuated with the odd pout in between. One good thing though, was that I only hooked one slug (rockling) the whole time I was there.

I eventually wrapped it all up at 1.30am having caught a shed load of whiting; some were reasonable in size but in the main, it was pins. I don’t normally like wishing may time away but in fishing terms, I can’t wait for Spring and the prospect of catching other things apart from whiting.