Widewater Wockling

By , 15 April, 2008 16:49

Well, in a bid to try and find some species other than rockling, I felt a session at somewhere other than Seaford or Brighton was in order for last night. I knew some other members of WSF were going to fish at Widewater beach near Shoreham, so decided I’d join in.

I arrived at the mark just before 8pm – just about on high water which meant having to fish the tide down. I spoke to the other guys only to learn that it was only the dreaded 5 Bearded rockling being caught. The weather was fine but there were ominous dark clouds approaching from the North and appeared to be showering as they made their way towards us.

Undeterred, I set up one rod and fished a running ledger with size 1 hook alternating between lugworm, ragworm or cocktail of the two as bait. First couple of taps on the rod tip resulted in rockling. This was followed up by more rockling and then more. This continued for a while before stopping altogether.

With the tide dropping ever further and there being no more bites, I packed up at around 11pm and made the journey home.

I’m fairly confident that within the next couple of weeks, the pesky rockling will bugger off and leave the areas open for something with a bit more oomph.

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