Rest & Recuperation

By , 13 December, 2013 15:46

Okay, so I’ve had the surgery done at Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre. Am now back at home with six weeks of recuperation to look forward to.

I have along list of exercises to complete but no driving until January at the earliest, so no excursions anywhere. No sitting for extended periods and take things easy – this could be boring to say the least.

Luckily though, I do have some projects to complete and this may be the chance I get to do it.

Project 1. To finish the guitar build I’m doing. I bought the kit from Thomann and is basically a copy of the Gibson SG. Most of the paint job is done but needs a final rub down before lacquering. Once that’s sorted, it’s onto the elctrics, final assembly and then set up. Having spent so much time on it, I do hope the sound quality is good – we shall see.

Project 2. An update to this site and hopefully, the inclusion of some new features. Not saying what they are yet until I can confirm that they work.

That should see me up to about the six week mark. I should then find out if I’m declared fit for a return to work. If not, find something else to fill the time.

The start of the new season should be here by then and it’ll be my start to the year, with some light work on the plaice and herrings down at Brighton Marina. There’s no way I’m going to tempted out onto the beach before that, slinging leads around – way too much to lose and too much pain if it goes tits up.

So until then, Have a happy Xmas and a great new year.

3 Responses to “Rest & Recuperation”

  1. frank says:

    was going to put 28 for the 2+8 but….

    welcome back Vic , hopefuly you will be up & running (so to speack) real soon

  2. Robin says:

    Good luck with it all Ian. The sea is hard work at the moment. But got some fluff chucking for you when you feel up to it, and snappers in the river as well. Didnt realise you played guitar!!! Something else we share. Except I play really badly. Still like to pick it up to twang the dust off the string from time to time though :)

  3. Vic says:

    Cheers Frank, I hope to be back in action sometime around February but just light stuff. Op seems to have gone ok, so am optimistic about the future.

    Thanks a lot Rob. I realise it won’t be the best time of year to make a comeback but have to start somewhere.

    I played many years ago and then didn’t pick up a guitar for the best part of thirty years. Has been difficult re-learning, what with mangled old fingers and a brain that won’t always connect at the right time or in the right place. Getting there slowly though. Didn’t know you played as well. If the fishing goes crap, could always go busking 😉

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