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New Home

view from my bedroom windowIn the past, many people have said that I’d end up living on the beach at Seaford, considering how much time I spent there. Anyway, I recently found myself in the position of having to move house (gain).

After much searching, viewing and general ‘Moving house buggeration factors’, I finally settled on my new current abode. It looks like all those who jokingly suggested where I should live, turned out to be right. Not only in the right area but virtually on one of my favourite marks, I couldn’t have done better if I’d built it myself. Here’s a couple of pictures from my front bedroom window.

view from my bedroom windowDue to various reasons – long boring story – I’ve hardly fished at all this year, to my eternal shame. Fingers crossed and touching wood, I’m hoping that my long awaited surgery will go ahead at some stage in the bear future. Once that’s sorted, I will be back with a vengeance and shall be putting some serious hours in on the shingle. I’m hoping that the weather improves from what we have at the moment and have had recently. Talk about sod’s law kicking in firmly, I’d only been in the new place days before the wind ripped the skylight off my roof, leaving a big hole above the bathroom. Landlord was brilliant though and was soon out to get it fixed. There is the smallest of gaps which means that a good South Westerly finds the skylight whistling away like Roger Whittaker on speed.