Here We Go Again

By , 22 November, 2013 08:39

Well, after what feels like a year but is in fact only 318 days of waiting, phoning, waiting, phoning and pleading, I now have a date for my back surgery – woohoo! So, on 6th December, I go under the knife again in an attempt to get me back on the beach and fishing. Really it’s to get rid of this damn pain that has been plaguing me for what seems like eternity – but I like to think of it as aiding my return to an activity that has been sadly lacking this past year.

If all goes smoothly, I should be well on my way to normality by xmas be able to pull some crackers (or maybe just Doris along the road). Hopefully, by the time the spring squiddies appear, I should be back out there in amongst it all :)

I have to say, I’ve missed all my fishing buddies, I even stopped going into my favourite shops regularly (no, not those ones) because it made me miss fishing even more. No doubt they’ll be scraping for cash remnants in my already empty pockets but hey that’s part of the enjoyment.

At least my time off work will allow me to further my career as a forecaster in beach weather, weed, nets and shingle shifter situation – maybe even get that IPcam set up.

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