Happy New Year.

By , 1 January, 2014 11:56

Just wishing everyone a happy, prosperous and fish filled 2014.

With luck, I should be up and about within the next few weeks and weather willing, I’m hoping to be on the shingle by the end of January or maybe mid February, so may see some of you out there then.

2 Responses to “Happy New Year.”

  1. jeff willans says:

    Hi Vic, happy new year to you, and hope you out with your rod very soon

    just wondering how seaford beach is looking after the recent storms, i don’t get down there much, apart from the summer where i camp at buckle at barbecue the mackerel caught off the beach..

  2. Vic says:

    Jeff, the beach isn’t looking too bad from what I can see, considering. A lot more sand showing at the low water mark. Obviously all the bad weather has meant that the work to shift the shingle using heavy plant is still ongoing.

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